Sunset in Kefalonia


Who Needs Busy?

  There are some things in life you simply cannot beat. Del Boy falling through the bar in Only Fools And Horses, or that little pot of mint raita you get to go with your poppadoms in an Indian restaurant. For others it’s a babies first steps, or a winning goal at the home of your local rivals, ( I can vouch for that one ). Another thing you can add to that is a “Snap a Sunset” competition. This particular one from Olympic Holidays gives me the opportunity to tell you a teeny weeny bit about Kefalonia, and it’s incredible dusky skyline. 


( in the rules I have to include a link to the competition, so there you go,  but come on, have you read this?… I’m already packing my trunks ).. Joke!
 It’s been a while since I’ve been I grant you. I remember Kefalonia well, mainly because at the time, it wasn’t necessarily the tourist haven it is now. 4 of us went on this particular holiday. The year before we had ventured to Kos, and having had such a good time we decided to do it all again, but this time on a different island. A few things spring to mind when I think about Keffers, ( it’s okay, I’m down with the kids ). The steep, hilly, roads. The even steeper driveway down to the beach, and more importantly the struggle getting back up. 

I should also mention the friendliness of the local people. I add this in owing to the fact that quite often, the deckchairs attendant would give the 4 of us a lift back up to the main roads. I can only guess that he had seen us suffer enough on the first day. Our gangly white bodies toiling up the 75% gradient in searing heat. A Moxoto, ( that’s a mountain goat to you and I ), would have struggled to climb this bad boy. Yes of course I’m exaggerating, but it’s for the benefit of the story!… It was ridiculously steep though. 

There was a magnificent bar on stilts sat on the beach, where you could sit watching the world go by, well the odd boat anyway. Our legs would be dangling over the ocean and we’d have not a care in the world. They would cook up a beautiful Meze as the sun went down…

Ahh, the sunset. The one thing you can count on in Kefalonia to wholeheartedly take your breath away. As the sun fades into the darkness it truly is a sight to behold. The Calamari ( with a squeeze of lemon ), suddenly tastes that little bit better. The drinks flow that little quicker, and Kefalonia, hidden under a scorching day sun ultimately comes to life in the evening. It’s heartbeat gets stronger with each passing moment the sun relinquishes its grip.

The definition of rush hour and nightlife on this particular Greek isle is not like London thankfully. 15 cars and a donkey is more likely, but with colours and a sunset like that, who needs busy?