Arsenal V Bayern Munich ( Alternative TV Review )

Arsenal v Bayern Munich ( The TV Alternative review )
I was going to call this Arsenal V Bayern ( balancing out the scales after BTSport’s embarrassingly biased commentary ). Then I thought of “Arsenal V The worlds best 11 players according to BTSport “. In the end I came up with what’s at the top. I do feel though that I need to redress the balance after yesterday. 
Let’s start though with the initial cost of the match ticket. The cheapest ticket was £64. This isn’t palatable for the majority everyday Arsenal fan. It certainly isn’t affordable for me. Munich fans made their feelings known by protesting outside for 5 minutes, and fair play to them. What isn’t added to the equation is the cost of the ticket to an Arsenal season ticket holder. Lower tier, where most of my friends sit, a ticket for last nights game cost approximately £41. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. That price is included in the season ticket, so is it really that expensive?… Well BTSport obviously thought so as they mentioned it on a number of occasions, while providing us with costs for going to see the “worlds best 11 players”. 
Next we have the fans. Last night was a good night. The Arsenal fans in stages were magnificent, especially during the 2nd half. In general we Arsenal fans are not known for our loudness at home, however Tuesday proved when needed the noise can cascade around the ground. The Arsenal away support is also as good as any away support I’ve encountered. There is one thing that I noticed though. How is it that Arsenal fans have been turned away from Ashburton Grove ( remember that ), for carrying inflatable objects and yet on TV, a Bayern fan who was also standing up ( naughty naughty ) was clearly holding a metal megaphone!… So let’s get this straight, blow – up banana confiscated, metal megaphone, as seen in a hostage situation in many a TV programme is absolutely fine!. Well I know what I’ll be taking to Everton at home on Saturday. 
Now the fun bit, the players. Here are facts admittedly courtesy of The BTSport commentary team about the “worlds best 11 players”:
They had become the first team in Bundesliga history to win their first 9 games. ( Judging by the strength of the German league I would suggest that Burnham Ramblers would have a chance ).
They had won 12 games on the bounce, scoring 25 goals in 7 games. No arguments there except they aren’t the first team ever to do that. With regards to the goals scored, at the end of the Arsenal championship winning campaign in 1991 we had scored 26 goals in 8 games. Bayern have scored 25, and they now have not won 12 on the bounce. 
Bayern had not failed to score in 23 previous CL appearances. Scratched!
Listening to BTSport, Owen Hargreaves in particular made me cringe at times. I think Owen is still unsure of where is heritage lies, at times using the word us when talking of Bayern, and then Arsenal. He does however categorically love Douglas Costa. At 22m quid I’d like to make a valid point. Surely for that amount of money of the 6 deadball situations he took control of at least 1 of those should have beaten the first player in the box. His crossing was diabolical.
 I will agree he looked quite a player in a 1-on-1 situation but take him out wide and he can’t cross the ball. A very good player but not a patch on Thiago judging by the commentators dribbling after One little back drag and spin he done. Sadly Stoke City’s Arnautovic had beaten him to it the night before against Swansea, but Arnautovic doesn’t play for Bayern so it doesn’t count as skill. Personally I do think Thiago is a fantastic footballer, but don’t go overboard BTSport!
Xabi Alonso. If you believe the comments made by Owen and his fellow commentator in the gantry he was born in a stable. Three wise men arrived after his birth delivering gold, frankincense and myrrh for the holy one. His feet did not touch the pitch as he levitated across the pitch. Well, I hate to disagree but was he any better than Santi, Mesut or Alexis? I’d love to know the number of chances he created during the game, because of all the 73% possession Bayern had, Alonso was the one with the ball at his feet the most. Listening to the team commentating I thought at one point Bayern were 5-0 up. Alonso had set up 3 for Lewandowski with Mueller scoring the other two laid on by the Spanish OAP. 
I have no argument about Lewandowski or Mueller in fairness. They are both excellent footballers who on their day can score against anyone. 22 goals in 16 games is remarkable form, and BTSport were full of praise for Lewandowski. Of the 2 though I’d still take Mueller first, but that’s just me. I thought our defence played exceptionally well and contained the Bayern forwards barring one or two tricky moments. Yes Bayern had a lot of the ball and yes they had lots of shots ( 6 on target, 2 less than Arsenal ) but several of them were regulation saves for a keeper with the stature of Cech. There is no doubt with Cech in goal we look a far safer, stronger unit. 


Then we have Lahm and Vidal. Lahm is a truly classy player. He can play anywhere across the back and in midfield. I can understand the praise he receives. 2 or 3 years ago he would have gone into any team I picked as a current best 11. I’m not so sure now. As for Vidal, the £28m pound Chilean is an embarrassment. The only hardman that loves leaving his foot in but cannot keep his balance when anyone so much as tries to tackle him. He was constantly in the face of the ref trying to get players booked with his acting. I noticed it in the CL final last year when he played in a similar fashion. We definitely got the better Chilean of the two. 
Finally there is Neuer. Described regularly as playing a Beckenbauer sweeping role he looked more like Jack Bauer at times , once kicking the ball out for a corner to the opposition and then obviously his error for the goal. I will say though that the save he made to keep Theo’s header out was world class. The fact that he nearly repeated it in the 93rd minute, the ball having already crossed the line is testament to how good he is. I do think though that his arrogance shines through making it funnier when he makes mistakes. BTSport would have you believe this man is the best goalkeeper in the world and there is no – one near him, in fact others should wash his feet, and maybe they would if they could get past that arrogant attitude. 
I’m not belittling Bayern Munich. They are a fantastic team. I just think there was a complete lack of balance in the commentary. I thought Santi was excellent. Theo scared the life out of their defence and both Sanchez and Ozil both contributed well. The Coq was at what is now becoming a consistent and regular level of control in the centre, and when we broke away we looked like we could score. We have now scored 8 and conceded 0 in our last 3 games. Didn’t hear BTSport mention that!
The Sac and Kos are starting to play together well again and either side of them while Hector is still learning he looks a great full back and “So Nacho” after a rough start to his Arse career looks solid enough. I like Olly G. I know he has his critics, and sometimes they are justified but when he plays well he is one of the top forwards around. Is he in Lewandowski/Muller class? Probably not, but at this moment in time he scored and they didn’t so who cares. In goal we have Petr. I’m happy enough with that!
Shortly we go to the Allianz Arena. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. Then again I wasn’t looking forward to Tuesday’s game, so maybe I need to be more positive!.. I do hope the cheat that is also known as Arjen Robben isn’t playing though. Such a talented footballer, but a serial diver. 
* please note when talking about Thomas Muller I spelt his name wrong most of the time. Sorry, but I can’t be arsed to go back and change it. 

Balance addressed, thank you.